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🌸 Pet Readings & Healing  🌸 Distance healing for people and Pets; featuring Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Dolphin Reiki 🌸 Chakra Realignment & Attachment Removal. 🌸 Animal Communication 🌸 Past Life Regression/Quantum Healing Sessions (QHHT, BQH, Past Life Resolution). 🌸 "Lunchtime" Mini-Sessions.  Akashic Record Journeys 🌸 Readings



                                  ​5D 14-Chakra Clearing & Recalibration

                                                        Learn about the 14 major chakras, which are currently active in the Human body an                                           energy-field.  As our DNA is activated and our physical bodies upgrade, it is                                                         so important to be aware of, and work with, the less commonly referred to,                               yet equally important energy centers within and around us.

                                                       In these sessions we will:

                                                       ● Remove toxic energies, substances & energetic blockages

                                                       Infuse each chakra with the available upgraded 5D frequencies

                                                       Realign chakra column & open up a clear flow of energy

                                                       ● Educate client about any chakric energy centers with which they are unfamiliar                                           ● Address specific issues and blocks the client is experiencing

                                           and much more...





In keeping with the practice of "ENERGY PHILANTHROPY", ***clients may set their own price, therefore payment is made on a heart-centered, donation basis only. 

I conduct my business in

accordance with our word's changing business paradigm, and according with what flows best in the new quantum field. Donation buttons & "Book Now" calendar buttons are located throughout site.



Your journey of self-discovery begins here...



What is Quantum Hypnotherapy?


🦋 Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), SCHH & Quantum Vortex Healing are all hypnotherapy & healing modalities which I practice. All fall under the umbrella of "Quantum Healing". The exploration of past lives is but one part of the Quantum Healing experience. There is so much more! You may experience:

  • Future lifetimes

  • Lifetimes on other planets, stars or dimensions

  • Time between lives

  • Parallel timeline

  • Cellular memory & DNA clearing and activation

  • Entity & energetic attachment extraction

  • Chakra clearing & re-alignment

  • Re-sealing of the auric field

  • Healing of the physical & energetic bodies

  • Obtain clarity about, or visit forgotten or pertinent present-life experiences

🦋 Your session will be a beautiful, safe and relaxing journey of healing and self-realization, conducted with the client in the natural Theta state (that peaceful, flowing place which you go to just before you fall asleep). YOU are in control of all aspects of your journey. You will visit with your Higher-Self and/or Guides. You may ask for guidance and receive answers about your life-purpose, soul-mission, relationships, career, family, your dreams, world events and ascension... The list is endless! Ask anything. No question is too big or too small.  This is a completely safe & comfortable experience. Throughout your session, you are in control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is impossible for you to be made to do or say anything that you do not wish to. Each client's journey is completely unique, and you will always be taken to the timeliness and life experiences which are most appropriate and most beneficial for your personal healing and enlightenment.

​🦋 Before your session you will fill out a questionnaire, along with helpful instruction about preparing for your session. **For online sessions, only, it is important that you have an over-the-ear headset with mic (NO earbuds, please-they can fall out during the session!). Also, a strong, reliable internet connection is a must  This is so we may maintain clear and uninterrupted communication throughout.

🦋 Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions typically last for approximately 4 hours, which includes some "getting-to-know-you time", a review of your questions & a post-session follow up.                           







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  • Certified Animal Communicator

  • Certified in QHHT-Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • Certified BQH-Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner

  • Past Life Resolution Technique Practitioner

  • Meditation Instructor; Certified by Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Level 3 Usui Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

  • Certified Animal Reiki Master Healer

  • Certified in Soul Center Healing Hypnosis

  • Certified in Quantum Vortex Healing

  • Dolphin Crystal Reiki Healer

  • Metatronia Therapy Healing Practitioner & Attuner

  • Certified in Dog Training & Behavior-CATCH Canine Trainers Academy

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