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Journey to the Akashic Library

📚This modality will take you on a beautiful and informative journey to the Akashic Library of Records. This guided session is of shorter duration than a full hypnotherapy session, and will allow you to explore the library and view one page from your personal book. While in the library, we will consult with the Higher Self for insight, messages and an overview of why this particular page was chosen. Inspired by the session voyages of multiple clients to this library, and it's beautiful visual similarity to the elegant Bodleian Library at Oxford University-this modality was lovingly developed for you by myself and 2 other healing practitioners.

"Lunchtime" Mini-Sessions-To-Go

☕️These short, fun, mini-sessions will take you into a very relaxed, peaceful, and very light trance state. You will present one question or issue for the Higher Self to answer or give you clarification about. They are between 45 minutes to one hour in duration.


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