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🦋 I was sorting through some old client notes and blog posts today, and came across one that I felt the need to re-share. It feels very resonant to the times we are in right now, even though this Past Life Regression session took place over six years ago! But then, as most of us know, everything does comes full circle.

🦋 I was given this message mid-session. We were speaking with her Higher Self and addressing her depression, anxiety, her deep concern over the general state of society today, and it’s accompanying stressors. She was terrified of the current global political unrest, our economy, and other such issues. Her fears were deeply affecting almost every area of her life. She felt hopeless, defeated, and was wondering, “What’s the point of it all?”

🦋 As her Higher Self spoke, a picture slowly began to form in front of my inner vision. I was shown the planet Earth, and circled all around Her were people, standing side-by-side and holding hands. There were thousands of them, maybe millions, and I came to understand that they were standing directly and perfectly aligned atop the formation of the 5D Crystalline Grid. While I couldn’t really hear them, it looked very much like they were singing! Then, all of a sudden, the people metamorphosized into enormous, magnificent blue butterflies. They flapped their wings and flew quickly upwards, away from the Earth. Once they had formed what appeared to be a translucent blue cloud around the planet, the cloud transformed into a shower of crystalline white stars. They pelted down like heavy summer rain and completely encompassed the planet’s surface. It was then that I heard a different gentle, feminine voice. We were no longer speaking to the client’s Higher Self. She said:

“It takes so much effort to fight. It’s very hard work to remain angry and to exist continually in opposition to one another. Are you aware of the amount of energy this expends? Making war upon yourselves is no small feat and, energetically speaking, it is highly inefficient. Is it no wonder you are exhausted all of the time? Yet to be at peace requires little to no effort at all, because it is the natural way of things. It’s what we simply are. So, do you see how little sense it makes to choose to suffer and be sad? (Laughter). How we watch and wait and puzzle over this! But, alas, it is all a part of the journey, merely another lesson. And once peace has been achieved, and achieved it shall surely be, you shan’t remember it ever being any other way. Do you understand? You shan’t recall it.”

🦋 I was deeply touched by the encouraging words of, who I later learned, was my client’s primary Guardian Angel. I know I will be referring back to them often, in these turbulent days leading up to the culmination of the Shift. I sincerely hope that bring comfort to you, when needed, too. Namaste.

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