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Several years back, I had the opportunity to conduct a QHHT session with a wonderfully connected client named Cassie. Since discontinuing the original version of my blog, I have continued to receive request for copies of this session. What is most interesting is that now, in 2021, there are many things that Cassie speaks of which are very resonant to current and recent events.

Cassie worked as a healer and an intuitive, and was interested in learning more about her origins. During her session, she went into a very detached state and actually had little to no memory about anything that had transpired. Her session was very long, and she so graciously allowed me to share some excerpts from her session, which I think you all will find extremely interesting. Cassie has since transitioned, but her lovely energy remains with those of us who knew her. We begin with Cassie journeying back into her first lifetime here on the planet.

*** “C’ is Cassie. “B” is me.

(Cassie has just come off the cloud, and I’ve asked her to begin describing her impressions. What does she see, hear, feel…?)

C: Volcanoes. I see volcanoes.

B: What else do you see there?

C: Water, water bubbling. Hot water. I see the hot water.

B: Ok. What else?

C: Sky. Dark with clouds. The, uh, air is hot and it smells bad.

B: Where are you while all of this is happening?

C: Hovering above the rocks and the volcanoes.

(After much of this “watching”, I eventually move Cassie slightly ahead to a day when something is happening…)

B: So what do you see yourself doing right now? Are you on the groun

C: Yes. I’m scooping up water and putting out the fires.

B: And is it working? Is it helping?

C: Yes.

B: Can you describe your surroundings?

C: No people.

B: So you are alone?

C: Yes.

B: What about buildings or structures. Do you see any?

C: No.

B: Is there a beach?

C: No. Things just formed. It’s rocks and ocean. Lava and rocks and ocean.

B: Do you feel like you have a physical body? Are you Human?

C: No.

B: Could you describe yourself to me?

C: Yes. Liquid.

B: Like a part of the water?

C: Yes.

B: What are you doing there? Do you have a job, or is there something that you need to do?

C: Yes. The beginning of life.

B: And where is this place that you are?

C: Earth.

B: What is your job?

C: It’s the balance. The ocean is not seeded yet. Helping to create the ocean


( Based on the answers to the next few questions, I chose to move Cassie back in time to before she arrived on earth as a part of the collective consciousness of the water. We pick up now at the time when she was making the decision to have the experience and selecting the role she would play in the Earth’s creation…)

B: Can you describe to me where you are and who you are with?

C: The Council. The Council of Creation.

B: Are you a part of that Council?

C: Yes.

B: And how many others besides yourself make up this Council?

C: No number to describe it. Entity of Creation. Elements. There is no word for their job.

B: Does this Council have something to do with the Earth’s creation?

C: All of the Universe.

B: Is there anything you’d like to tell me about the creation of the Earth?

C: Yes. The old Universe was defective. It was infected by something dark and, uh, the light was extinguished. This new Universe is full of light. And Light Beings. The Creator, Source, the light is dispersed among the uncountable Creators.

B: Are all beings Creators?

C: Yes.

B: Could you look at yourself and describe what you see? Do you have a body?

C: Uh, yes, I have a lightbody. White, shimmering, fluid. Like water. Almost formless. So beautiful.

B: Tell me how it feels, where you are now.

C: It feels strangely solid.

( I took Cassie forward a bit, to an important day, where something significant was happening…)

C: I’m giving birth to a form. Becoming this form.


B: You are becoming a form?

C: Yes.

B: Can you describe this form?

C: It’s, uh, very Human only lighter. It’s fully conscious.

B: Do you feel you are male or female?

C: I don’t understand that.

B: Tell me what you are doing?

C: I’m in a small group of Creators. Assignments. Sitting in a circle and they are just coming through our conscious minds. Our conscious minds and our unconscious minds are one. They aren’t separate.

B: What assignment did they give you?

C: New creation of beings is going to be created soon. Light beings who serve and volunteered.

B: What did they volunteer to do?

C: To look over the Earth and four other planets

(Again, things seemed to slow down, so we jumped ahead to another important day…)

C: The Earth is beautiful! The tribes are far apart. I’ve taken form in a tribe by the sea. I help them work with the elements. The water. Fire. Use the air as a tool. They don’t understand the elements or the power driven by the energies of the Universe.

B: So, who are these people you are teaching?

C: Sea children.

B: Sea children?

C: The Earth’s complete now. They are the plan to populate the Earth.

B: Do they live in the water?

C: No. They can go in the water.

B: What happens to them when they go in the water? Do their bodies change? Can they breathe under water?

C: No. They don’t know how to do that, or to fly.

B: Are those the first Human beings?

C: Yes. Very childlike. They are very open. They’re children.

B: Do they have communities that they live in?

C: Right now they’re nomadic.

B: So you’re there to teach them. What else do you do with these people?

C: The connection between them and Creation.

B: And while you’re there teaching them, you’re in a higher dimensional body than theirs?

C: Yes, Sirian. Male. Sirian.

(We next will pick on the day which turns out to be the last day of this lifetime on Earth. She is experiencing it completely as an observer…)

C: There is no “end day” (very puzzled by my question). Just went from Sirian to the new form. The Celestial Beings.

B: Is this your natural state, as a Lightbeing?

C: Yes.

B: So you’re saying that you finished this job on Earth, then went back to being a Lightbeing, there is no end?

C: Yes.

B: Tell me where you are now.

C: There’s a disagreement about my assignment, because I choose to go and experience life as a Human.

B: And who are you disagreeing with?

C: My Celestial brothers and sisters.

B: Why don’t they want you to go?

C: It’s unheard of. Wasn’t part of their interpretation of the plan.

B: But you changed the plan? Why?

C: Yes. Because they don’t understand the Humans.

B: So you want to live as a Human to help understand them?

C: Yes.

B: So there is a disagreement, but is it inevitably going to be your decision?

C: Yes. But they want to start over. Create different beings.

B: Are they unhappy with the Human Race? If so, why?

C: Yes. They, uh…they are not evolving the way they thought they would. The Humans have a quality that surprised them. They have the ability to understand on a very deep, emotional level.

B: And the Creators don’t want them to have these emotions?

C: They don’t understand any of these emotions. What are these things they are doing? The Humans. Something’s wrong. They broke.

B: But do you believe they’re broken?

C: No.

B: Just different?

C: Better.

B: And you want to see what it’s like to be Human?

C: Yes.

(…and so we now go on to Cassie’s next lifetime. Her first as Human Being)

C: They are lovely people, with such ingenuity. Engineers. Amazed. All light. So beautiful. They engineered dwellings in the side of a cliff. So beautiful. Spacious. They can see out. They work together. I love these people, they’re so wonderful

B: That sounds so nice. I can see why you would want to be there. Are the people happy?

C: Oh, yes. My mother is a leader. She’s like the Shaman or Medicine Woman, and their Spiritual Guide.

B: What do you do?

C: Oh, I’m just in love with all of it! I’m learning everything I can about them. They just…they just care so much about each other, so much.

B: Are you a male or female Human Being in this lifetime?

C: Female.

B: Can you tell me about your life?

C: I could not have chosen better parents to come in to.

B: They love you?

C: Oh yes, yes!

B: Can you tell how old you are right now?

C: Seven.

B: Can you look around and describe the people you see? How they are dressed?

C: Clothing. Very soft. Woven from plants. Colors…no. A tone. Like a sandy beige.

B: In this place you live-is there water?

C: Yes. Cliffs overlook a small inlet sea.

(Cassie goes on to describe her home…)

C: Carved back into the stone. Four chambers. A cooking chamber, a sleeping chamber, a meeting chamber. And off to one side is a small pit. Uh, a sanitary pit.

B: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

C: Yes, yes. Three brothers. They’re wonderful! Talon is the gatherer, hunter, leader. A teacher. Then there is the little brother, he’s so pretty. He’s a musician. The third brother-he’s learning to do what my mother does.

B: Do they have plans for you?

C: I don’t know.

(We move ahead to an important day in this lifetime…)

C: Oh, it’s so sad. Small child falls and dies in three days. And there is, uh, a service. Everyone comes and sends the child off. They say all the wondrous things about the child. About being part of the child’s life. The child is put on a little platform, and a fire is ignited under the child. At sunset.

B: And the whole community participates?

C: Yes.

B: Is this considered a sad event. How do the people feel?

C: Both happy and sad.

(Finally, we move on to the last day of Cassie’s first Human incarnation…)

C: There has been a cave-in at the far end of the cliff. And everybody has to move. No one was hurt, but I am very sick. Very old. So they all go down to the flatland with me, to make sure no other part of the…(she begins to breath more heavily, and I move her away from the scene so that she may view it only as a distant observer.) I foresee us leaving. We have to leave this place. It’s not going to be safe soon. Too many earthquakes have made the cliffs unstable. I want to tell them this.

B: And do you tell them?

C: Yes.

B: Do they believe you?

C: There are very mixed feelings about leaving. There are so many emotions. Why people have these emotions… I have to explain why. Humans seem unstable, but it’s not instability. It’s just a range of emotions.

(Cassie begins to breathe heavily again, so I moved her past the death experience to the other side. Now she is able to look back and explain it from a different standpoint.)

B: So, what did you learn from your first lifetime as a Human on Earth?

C: (She laughs). I have to argue with them about that! They, yes, the Humans have the capacity for great conflict and anger. But it’s okay. It’s all a part of it. Oh no, they’re fine. They’ll be fine.

B: So, what you wanted them to know is that all of this emotion is alright, and that the Humans should be left alone?

C: Yes.

B: Do they eventually leave them alone?

C: (More laughter) Oh, sometimes.

We will now join Cassie as she steps aside and allows her “Subconscious”, or what Dolores Cannon terms in her writings as the “SC”, to speak through her. In reality, what we are referring to in this article as the Subconscious is actually the highest, collective source of all knowledge; our Highest Selves. We now rejoin the session as the SC arrives…

B: Why did you choose this selection of experiences to show to Cassie today?

SC: (the SC will always speak as “itself” and not as the client.) She asked to experience every possible emotion and experience of the Humans. She did that.

B: So you wanted her to know that this is what she had asked for?

SC: Yes.

B: Is there anything more you can tell her about these experiences that would be useful for her in this lifetime?

SC: It’s all a dream. This existence is created in the dreamworld for experiencing. The Humans or the animals or anything that is here is truly here, and they carry the essence and the energy of this experience. But it’s not real. And that’s okay. We wanted to explain that. (What the SC was trying to explain is that even though the things we are experiencing as Human Beings are learning experiences and based in illusion- we actually are, simultaneously, in a physical form, going about our day and fulfilling our lifeplan.)

B: So what you’re saying is that when we’re here in a Human body, it feels very, very real because we don’t remember much about where we come from? Could you share any helpful hints for Cassie, so that she can deal with her Human life better?

SC: Yes we can. Come into the time that is now. Feel yourself as large. Attached to all of Creation. When you need to come back (after meditation or feeling detached), find some part of your body that’s highly sensitive to pain. Gently squeeze or pinch it and you will come back. (This answer addressed the issue of not being “grounded” or “present” fully in the body.



B: Do you mean after meditation, or if we find ourselves drifting off at unexpected times?

SC: You never have to worry about not coming back.

B: Once we come come back, we usually forget where we’ve been or what happened. Is that going to change for those of us incarnated now?

SC: It’s a possibility, it’s a possibility. But she already knows how to do that. She just doesn’t listen to The Masters. They came to teach the Human Race, to tell them, but the people just don’t listen.

B: Are you speaking of Jesus, and others like him?

SC: Oh, he came much later. There were so many before him!

B: Are there any Masters of that nature who are walking the Earth right now?

SC: Of course.

B: And are they in a Human body?

SC: Of course.

B: Are we going to be seeing any changes soon?

SC: Oh, yes. You are seeing them every day. Everyone believes in magic now. It’s a magical world, a magical world…

(We then go on to cover some personal questions, and pick up as we are discussing the topic of how Cassie can care for both her physical and energy bodies.)

SC: She knows what she is and she just wants to fight it. The things she does to her physical body reinforces her false ideas about her limitations. It is her diet, and she is staying away from the sun.

B: Should she be in the sun?

SC: Yes. And the moon, too. She needs moonbaths and sunbaths and waterbaths. She’s born of nature and needs to be embracing it instead of thinking that it’s yucky (I laughed at the SC’s use of this word!). She’s human now.

B: Cassie would also like to know what she can do to regulate her weight.

SC: She knows what to do. She just has to let it all go. Let go of her illusion.

B: Is she holding onto fear?

SC: No. Not fear. There’s a part of her mind that thinks all of this is very silly (the Human experience).

B: And what about her Restless Leg Syndrome?

SC: (The SC begins to laugh) She invented that! She got so much sympathy about that from her grandmother and her mother and everybody, when she was a child-from everybody she told that silly story to!

B: But so many people have it. It’s a real thing, isn’t it?

SC: It’s silly.

B: So then, how can she get rid of it?

SC: She can break that energy. Break the energy. She can ask her Helpers.

B: Her Helpers?

SC: Her friends. The other healers. But she already knows how to fix it herself, but she just won’t do it.

(We skip over a few more rather personal health issues.)

B: Is there something Cassie should be doing with her life that she’s not doing now?

SC: Yes. She might want to meditate more. She’s distracting herself by doing things, and with all the projects.

(I then ask the SC about a persistent vision Cassie has been having, spanning a couple of years, at least. In it she sees herself in a type of tent-city, doing healing work. A man appears, and she instinctively knows he is her twin flame. All she can notice about him is that’s wearing khaki pants and hiking boots. I ask the SC about him.)

SC: Yes, well, she’s resisting all that.

B: Is he waiting to come through and manifest in her life?

SC: Yes. But she has this ego thing about not needing anybody.

B: Is she supposed to be in a relationship right now?

SC: It’s her choice, but she needs to have a better set of priorities. This way the choice is clear. She could choose not to. But it must be for the right reasons.

B: Can you give Cassie some more definitive ways that she’ll be able to identify him, when she does meet him?

SC: It will be very clear. If she would just adjust her vibration it will become very clear.

(I go on to ask the SC about the tent-city in Cassie’s vision, and if this is a potential meeting place for herself and the gentleman.)

SC: Yes, it is.

B: Can you tell her where this place is?

SC: Yes. It’s the center for refugees from the waters. There are the floods, great floods. They’re coming with supplies. But she can choose not to do that.

B: What are the great floods?

SC: There could be, maybe, a lot of rain coming. And, oh, we don’t know the whole answer for this. It’s silly, that everyone is trying to predict some great catastrophe. There’s just going to be a some climate changes. And they will be good.

B: But this is not definite? It’s just a possibility?

SC: Oh, there could be some rain. But not a disaster. Just a possibility.

B: But if it happens, it will be in away that Cassie will be a part of it?

SC: Yes. But Cassie and the others all interpret disaster in the strangest ways. Well, change is not disaster. Change is change.

B: I think, when it’s accompanied by destruction, the Human being tends to have fear.

SC: Oh, they just lose their stuff. Then they just get more stuff, and it makes them feel better.

B: Is this flooding going to occur in any particular places?

SC: Certain places. Some of the river basins will be flooded again, but they shouldn’t have built there.

B: If this timeline happens, will Cassie be traveling to these flooded areas to give assistance?

SC: Yes.

B: And is that how she’ll meet this gentleman?

SC: Yes.

(We skip forward now, to where we are asking the SC for any other information it feels Cassie should have.)

SC: Her group is made up of nice people. There are 4 or 5 of the Celestial Council who will be joining her, finally. Cassie is a Lightbeing. The lifeforms of the Universe come in all shapes and sizes.

B: Cassie would like to know exactly what it is she’s supposed to be teaching.

SC: Oh, she’s doing it!

B: What can you share with us about the events going on in the world right now? Do you have any advice that can help us?

SC: Dispel the fear. Fear is the great killer of all that is Light. Dispel the fear. Approach people in a way that you don’t create more fear. She’s careful to try not to bring people aboard if they’re not ready. That just makes them more fearful. You all, every last one of you, need to dispel the fear. The fear that religion and politics, war, all the fears create. They somehow decided that there had to be a fear-side. What is that? All these lives taken through fear.

B: Thank you. That’s such good advice.

(The SC drifted off for a moment, as if Cassie had fallen asleep)

B: Is something happening?

SC: Yes. This feeling of Unity with Cassie, and the lines before her. Some of these Humans were not behaving very nicely. Some of the people she’s been a part of were not very nice. It’s a wall. Just a part of the learning, the capacities of the Human spirit. And the fact that the fears are what create the darkest sides of the Human existence. They depict, you depict beings as having the full range of Human emotions. We don’t fear. We don’t know what that is. We know love and that which you call loyalty. But beyond that, we don’t know these other emotions. We don’t always understand the reactions of the Humans. So maybe now we can displace some of the fear. There will be better communications between people.

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