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I found myself aboard a starship. My recollection began in a casual social setting. We were in a room, about 6 or 7 of us (all females), in a type of small lounge area. The walls were an opalescent white, with hints of pastel color swirling through, intermittently. What appeared to be large, light colored cushions and pillows were scattered about on the white floor. We sat together amidst the fluff, happily laughing, talking and catching up. The style and colors of the clothing we wore varied. I was in a type of uniform in a pastel silvery-blue, and that night it consisted of a long sleeved Henley-type top and matching pencil skirt. There are some kind of insignias around the neckline. I sat propped up against a one of the large pillows, my legs tucked under me. Much as I’ve tried to remember, I have absolutely no recollection of what we were talking about! I then recall somebody coming in, a tall male, telling us it was time for us to leave. We weren’t to go together to the same place, which bothered me for some reason, but I was assured that I would be reunited with my friends at a later date.

(I was then interrupted by the neighbors making noise, so I got up and got a drink of water. I fell back asleep and then picked up my journey at an entirely different point in the mission…)

I was now alone in the ocean, looking up at a small ship hovering above me. It was round and silver, with a ring of spinning, glowing, yellowish-orange light on it’s underside. I dove underwater, swimming increasingly faster and deeper. I realized this had to be one of the deepest and most remote parts of the ocean (which ocean, I don’t know-just that it was physically here on Earth), and in order to be able to reach such depths, it became necessary for me to partially shapeshift. As I swam, I noticed that my legs had morphed into a tail! Very aerodynamic! But very constricting and tight. I guess this experience confirms why I’ve always been so fascinated by everything relating to Mermaids. In an intense distance healing session that I had recently, my practitioner-friend keyed into a scene just like this one, from her vantage point during the session. (*My Team later explained to me that we are ALL shapeshifters. Every single one of us. It’s one of the abilities we’ll be reclaiming as a result of our ascent into 5D).

I swam and swam, and fiinally reached the ocean floor. I approached what I remember as being a sort of cave or rock formation, with a door. The door was rounded at the top, bronzy-colored, with large hieroglyphics stamped on it. I approached and pressed on it several times. It eventually opened and I swam inside. The small space was really dark, and at first it looked like there was nothing at all inside, other than rocks. But as I continued swimming I began to see a glowing, ivory-colored light. I made my way closer and closer to the light, as it grew brighter and brighter, the cave eventually ending at a tiny chamber. Then, suddenly, the entire scene disappeared and I don’t remember anything at all before finding myself back at the mouth of the cave. Something small and round was resting in the palm of my hand. From what I recall, it felt rough, and it was made of some kind of heavy metal. I closed the door and pressed the round object onto it until it stuck. Then I swam away, incredibly fast, remembering feeling a sense of extreme urgency. I just knew in my heart that I had to get out of there! I was then aware of a bright flash, like an explosion, behind me. My legs returned again and I was rising through the air, up out of the water, and into a portal located in the center of the glowing ring at the base of the ship!

Looking around, I find myself in an airy chamber, onboard the very large starship-the place that I call home. I’m in an unadorned blue room. Everything is blue; the walls, the floor the lighting. My Council is there, and we’re standing next to each other in a straight line. We’re wearing loose, flowing, white, Grecian-style gowns. We’re each holding our right arms out straight, with our index fingers pointed, our arms making wide circular motions. Nobody is speaking. I was halfway awake by then, so I asked the others, “What are we doing?” Someone replied, “Casting circles.” I have no idea what that means, and before I could find out, the dog barked and I woke up!

I have since learned from my Team that I have had this nighttime experience before. We actually dive into the ocean from a hatch on the bottom of these crafts, which are able to hover low and unseen over the surface of the water. They spin at such a rapid speed that they are therefore undetectable to the 3D Human eye. Assembled into teams, we enter the ocean and make our way down to the bottom, meeting up with our beloved Brethren-the dolphins! Then, together, we swim. And swim. And swim.

The purpose of all of this swimming is to infuse the 5D crystalline grid with our combined energies. This a way to further stabilize what is still, at this point, a very delicate structure. We are also activating the thousands of inter- dimensional portals, so many of which lie dormant at the bottom of our seas. I was told that I can tell when I’ve had these missions, even if I don’t remember them all, when I wake up feeling centered, refreshed and at peace.Dolphin energy is also miraculously healing, and simply having an awareness of them is enough to make noticeable positive changes in your energy field.

Wishing you all happy dreamtime journeys!

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