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Embrace Your New Timeline!

Updated: Jan 8

🦋 Good morning, friends! It's been such awhile since I've posted, as I've been immersed in the most insane rollercoaster-ride of change, upgrades, downloads and revelations. You know the drill-one day you are riding a euphoric wave of sunshine and pixie dust...then the next day you feel like you've been absolutely ripped to shreds and trampled on the pavement. I, myself, definitely prefer the former! 🦋 After a life changing Marconics session with my dear soul-sis, Lanette Ferguson, my higher Pleiadian "me" is as fully anchored in as the Human aspect can tolerate, and my timeline and trajectory have made a 360 degree shift. 5D has taken root. I've shed the Human melodrama. I dove off the cliff and landed in a baby-soft, serene pool of sparkling turquoise water. (Welcome to Earth, Ari. Let's save the planet!) 🦋 My Team is very, very present now, and the most intense message I am receiving right now, among a zillion others, is to MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE. NOW. TODAY. The paradigm of waiting for the "right time" (linear time is not real, anyway) to follow your heart, relocate, make a career change, get a new puppy, pursue a divine, twin-flame relationship, etc... this way of looking at things is not a part of the 5D timeline we are endeavoring to anchor permanently upon. This now-moment is one of purest love, joy, selflessness and service, the healing of body and spirit (both of ourselves and others), taking positive risks, embracing new paths. Yes, much as we adore them, our 3D friends and families are more than likely not going to get it. Remember... ♥️ Trust in God and your inner guidance ♥️ Follow your heart ♥️ Jump first-look later! ♥️ The Universe will be there to catch you, with open arms! Ciao, Beloveds!

Belle Ariya (the Pleiadian "me") Grace

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