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So much is happening in these final days of the Old Paradigm. Whether they are visible to the physical eye or simply perceptible only through intuition or the more refined senses, there is no mistaking that dramatic change in in the air. Can any of you truly say that this planet is the same place it was at the beginning of 2020? Is it even a remotely recognizable place? My response is, not really. And while the changes that have taken place may seem dark, and are without question uncomfortable and at times alarming, they are necessary tools for the awakening of sleeping Humanity.

World stage events are shaking the unawakened segment of the populace to the core, and this is clearly by Divine Design. Changes of this incredible magnitude cannot come about through complacency, comfort, or a business-as-usual attitude. The Universe tried that already, with less than stellar results! Many of us who are attuned to the energetics of this Shift are acutely aware of a feeling of being “behind schedule” in some way (if time and schedules were really a thing!). I, for one, have had a feeling for a long time that we are crawling towards 5D at the meandering pace of a snail, rather than at the breakneck speed of a comet. However, this is just my own realty, my timeline, my perception, in this now-moment. Yours may be completely different, and that is to be respected and embraced, too.

On the timeline I am walking, I have been feeling for a long time that I am “swimming through an ocean of honey”. This term was given to me by my Guides, and refers to a sensation of finding it difficult to make any progress. I have been trying for quite awhile to make a complete shift away from my fashion resale business, and on to focusing on my soul mission full-time. My Team and Guides are my greatest cheerleaders in this endeavor (can we have big spiritual “rah-rah?!”), and I can see them dancing about with my inner-vision, waving sparkly pom-poms and doing high-kicks! They are telling me I can do it, that I can and will survive in the bizarre, overlapping, melange of warring paradigms which we find ourself living in now. While it is true that New Earth and Old Earth are splitting apart, in our daily lives 3D and 5D are sill mixed up like oil and water. The fluid, high vibrational energetics of the water are having a bit of a challenge at times, getting through the oily sludge. Yet as the Ground Crew we absolutely must persevere. We have no other option but to keep swimming. We must implicitly trust God, the Universe, our Higher Knowing, following the loving dictates of our open hearts.

But how? How do we do this and still survive in the current 3D/5D muddle? I can, personally, only share what guidance I am getting, what I have done, and how I myself would advise a client to begin making these changes in their lives. So, here goes…

Listen to “Yourself”. Your Higher Self, that is. Every single one of us has access to this part of who we are, and to the brilliant guidance that it has to offer. Your Higher Self is YOU in your clearest, cleanest and most elevated form. It is that tiny voice inside your head, the light-bulb moment, the sudden burst of creative inspiration, confidence, That feeling in your gut when you just know something is not quite right.

Begin by identifying, then following your true life-path. This could begin as anything from being called to study for and embarking upon a new career or project. This would definitely be something service-to-others based, which puts you in a position, even in an abstract way, to not only be personally abundant but to also assist Humanity, the animals and the planet. You did not come her to spin aimlessly spin on the mindless, 3D hamster wheel. If you are reading this and resonating even a tiny bit, then you have are clearly here on a mission. You are a valued member of Gaia’s Ground Crew and you came here to be instrumental in The Great Shift of Consciousness. You have done this before, many many times, in ways you can as yet neither remember or comprehend. But you will! You really, really will!

Relocation. It certainly seems that a lot of us are being shuffled around the planet lately, or are being advised to do so. Relocation is by no means a must. But if this is the message you’re receiving, do give it some consideration. Research the practicalities, and figure out if this is a doable thing for you and your family. So why is this prompting being so widely given, you may ask? The answer I’m keying into is that our energy is now needed in different places. As we shift, Gaia shifts. As we upgrade, Gai upgrades. As we activate, Gaia activates. As we grow and transcend, Gaia does so right along with us. We’re like Human transmitters, and simply our beingin a certain locale or situation not only shifts it’s physical vibration, but activates and awakens the other people and energies around you. Your newly upgraded energy might not be compatible any longer with the location where you’ve been living, and may now be more resonant with that of that of the place or experience to which you are being drawn.

My own story in regards to working with this type of information is very profound. Two years ago I moved from Florida to Colorado. I did this not because of any message or for any deep, ascension-based reason. I was just sick of the heat. I wanted snow, cold, and to experience the four seasons again. However, two years in, I began to have recurring, very persistent, being “hit-over-the head-with-a-bat sort” of dreams. Every night. For six months! Of course, I argued with the Universe in every imaginable 3D way, saying things like “No way”. “I just got here”. “I can’t afford to move (eek-there’s that nasty CAN’T word)”. “This makes no sense.” But I love the snow!” And so on… Well, as is always the case, the Universe had other plans. And without running on with the details of how it transpired, I have since moved back to Florida and am actually happy and feeling in resonance with my decision

Clean out your closet and take out the trash. I actually mean this both literally and figuratively. I know that this is not exactly a new message, but my Guides are telling me that we can no longer procrastinate about clearing and healing anymore. In an energetic sense, this refers to removing blocks, entities, and attachments within our physical and etheric fields. It’s about letting go and moving on from the toxic people and relationships in our lives, leaving the path wide open to connect with our soul tribes and to form healthy connections. In a more literal way, it also means to get rid of all the crap in our closets, attics and garages that we can’t bear to give or throw away. Your piles of stuff carries the energy of the past. It carries OLD energy, 3D energy. So stop hoarding! Load up the SUV, head over to the Thrift Shop. Just let it go!

Commit to a daily Spiritual Practice. Meditation. Yoga. These are the most obvious ones. However, any activity can become a spiritual activity. Set the intention to infuse your daily, mundane tasks with the light of Source, with deep love and with positive intention. Visualize happy and productive outcomes. Believe! This is how miracles happen. Next, add in a hour hour guided meditation, to start. Let this become a priority. Make your home, every single room in your home, a sacred space; aromatherapy, color, flowers, your furnishings and decor…. Switch things up (as affordably as you can, right now) so that it exudes beauty, peace and a soothing 5D vibe. It’s no crime to put up the Christmas tree in October (yes, I do this!). Let you imagination and heart run free. I promise you, things will absolutely transform from there!

These are the precious jewels of abundance; the baby-steps to freedom, truth, sovereignty and Light. These are the building blocks of 5D Earth. Let’s make this happen, beloved Warriors.! And be in peace…

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