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If wishes are intentions and intentions are wishes, then I wish that, finally, the people of Planet Earth could live in a state of peace and abundance. I wish that Mother Gaia could at last spread her wings, and that her children could breathe fresh, clean air; the wars, the restrictions and the suffering would come to an end. The land and the water would be pure, unpolluted and teeming with life. The veil of secrecy is so ridiculously obsolete, and I fervently pray that it be ripped away to expose the magnificent paradise of 5D Earth-that which which awaits us just on the other side. Yes, it’s real-honestly it is- and it’s here, within us now-ready and waiting for us to inhabit it fully, in the physical sense. All that’s left for us to do is to choose this as our reality, to embody it, to check our baggage at the door and move right in. The horrors we leave behind in 3D will be only a distant and incomprehensible memory; hard lessons never to be repeated.

I danced and played all night in a place just over the horizon. But just like it happens every morning, that experience is ending and it’s time to cross back over the bridge and get to work. And like I do every time, I resist. “Please don’t make me go back yet”, I silently plead. “Can’t I stay just a tiny bit longer?” So I cling and I hold on. I notice that my feet feel heavy. I look down and realize that I’m wearing my figure-skates. How perfect! This means I’ll be able to go even faster, back where I just came from, and catch up with “Them”. I take off down the street-a steep hill lined with palm trees, that ends at a beach. I’m skating in the unhindered way I used to skate, with no pesky, painful old sports-injuries getting in the way. There is nothing preventing me from soaring through the air and landing clean and artful jumps. I spin on my toe-picks, pirouetting down the hill in a counterclockwise spiral, faster and faster until I reach the beach. I speed past the shopping centers at the end of the street and launch myself at the filmy wall I see in the distance. I’m skating on sand as though it were ice. I hit the wall and crash down onto the shoreline. “No, please don’t make me go back…

But something looks different today. It feels different. Today the veil is clear and I can see right through it, to all of the beauty and abundance that lies beyond. Instead of the wall being rough and solid, today it feels gooey and gelatinous- kind of like sticking your finger into a bowl of Jell-O. There really aren’t words to describe the loveliness that I glimpse on the other side. I can only compare it to looking into an elaborately decorated store window at Christmas, when you press your hands against the cool glass and and whisper, “I wish, I wish…” In that window is everything on the list you mailed to Santa, and more. Only this time it’s your list of intentions; your personal vision of the New 5D Earth, in colorful, meticulous detail. And this list is not to Santa, but to the Universe. Although this time, nobody is going to swoop down the chimney and just plop our gifts under the tree. We have to manifest them ourselves, through love, visualization, faith, truth, forgiveness and good works. We’re being challenged to find the magic doorway that leads us into the scene within that pretty window. And to figure out how to hold the vibration and stay there!

The sky is getting brighter now, and I look up to see it artfully streaked with pinks and oranges. Here I go…I’m procrastinating again. Only a few little stars remain, holdouts until the last minute, like me. “It’s ok,” I feel a voice say. “You can do it. You’re almost Home.”

And so I wish.

And so I pray.

And then I look up at those tiny little stars-like me in oh so many ways-and I set my intentions for the day. I intend that we will win this battle, and win it soon. I renew yet again the vow I made before I came here; to spread the light in the very same way that I see the dawn breaking all around me, as it chases away the last bits of darkness and illuminates everything in it’s path.

Then, just as suddenly as I left 3D last night, I’m back. Back to work. Back to my day job. The sun is shining and it’s time to get up out of bed and do it all again.

Good morning!

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