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Watch any child, or group of children, and what do you see? Be a silent observer and really, really watch. Regardless of where on the planet you live or what economic or social dynamic is present, there is one common denominator-and that is creativity. All children create. They are always creating, literally all of the time. They doodle all over their notebooks and papers in class. They instinctively gravitate towards things like building blocks, paints and play-dough. They decorate everything in their path, and as any Mom or Dad can tell you-there cannot be enough crayons and shakeable glitter in the house!

Children love to role-play, enjoying such games as dress-up and pretend, and they are not at all self-conscious about it! Children are fresh and newly arrived from beyond the veil, and they innately recall that Back Home “Creation” is the name of the game. They have yet to be forced to learn the old outdated games of survival and judgement, have not been indoctrinated into the illusions and lies. They remember their invincible nature and powers of manifestation, knowing that theycan create whatever they wish through imagination and intention. Unsullied by doubt and still secure in their connection with Source, they possess the innocence that we adults have so unintentionally let slip away due to life’s circumstances, conditioning, and our struggle to get by.

For so long we have been living our earthly lives unaware that within each of us lives that same innocence and openness. The part of us that remains unsullied by the rigors of daily lives and chosen challenges. Our own inner-child. However, as we continue to upgrade and edge closer and closer to the culmination of the great planetary shift in consciousness, all of this is changing. We’ve put in our time and labored hard for Gaia and Humanity. We’ve all earned the right to reclaim and become one with our own inner-child. As the collective vibration rises, we are beginning to detect very clear and profound changes in ourselves. Upgrades. Some of these are dramatic; others delicate and barely perceptible to our ever-refining senses. We are shedding our old skin and growing a new one, more luminous and colorful than the last.

As we release and discard thousands of years of negative programming and attachments, we leave our heart-space wide open and ready to receive all of the brilliance and beauty that the Universe has to offer us. Our True Selves, our Higher Selves, the Oversoul…whatever you prefer to call it, is merging with our physical Human Selves at this moment, allowing us to finally express as the joyous, creator-beings that we truly are. You may recognize this integration in the form of sudden bursts of inspiration, the desire to make drastic changes and improvements to your life, and the inability to be anything but your most genuine self. You are finding it neither tolerable nor acceptable to hide the truth of who and what you really are. These are the first signs of your metamorphosis. Embrace your visionary spirit and celebrate!

Our precious, unspoiled inner-children are and have been with us, creating all the time, having taken residence in the very deepest part of our hearts. They have been quietly with us since Day One of this incarnational journey, and now they are ready to burst forth and make themselves known. It’s time to become one with them. To sparkle, glitter and shine in all of our Crystalline, 5D glory! Have you been hit by the Cosmic Bedazzler?

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