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Aqua. Shades of blue. Silvery seafoam. These are the colors that are so resonant with us now, whether they are appearing in our meditations, our healing work, our personal auras, our art, or even in our clothing and decorating preferences. These are the colors of Gaia’s sacred waters, and in their deepest forms, the very backdrop to our Universe. When we think about the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, the most gentle of these hues come to mind. Archangel Michael favors blue, in it’s most vivid, electrifying form. Yet, the fairest versions of these colors belong to Archangel Aquarielle. Aquarielle is a sweet and gentle presence, peaceful, soft and liquid in her perceived vibration. She is the very essence and embodiment of what is The Divine Feminine. Her areas of focus are in relation to the assisting of Human souls, who have for whatever reason found themselves tied to the lower physical dimension, to cross over to the Light. She also is available to help us dispel anxiety and stress, overcome insomnia, remove blockages to the receiving of our higher guidance, and really, all things related to relaxation and peace. Needless to say, she is an amazingly chill and easy-going friend to have!

Aquarielle’s frequency already resides within each one of us, and it is concentrated within the Thymus Chakra, or what is otherwise known as the High Heart. This chakra, while not “new”, is just now becoming known to may people who are on the ascension path. It resides midway between the the Throat and Heart chakras, and carries a brilliant aquamarine energy. An easy way to activate it is to gently tap on it 3 times, in sets of 3 taps. Among this chakra’s many tasks are DNA activation, releasing of fear-based thoughts and enhancing both spoken and telepathic communication skills. When we are told “get out of your head and into your heart”, this is the very heart that it would serve us well to be “thinking” from. The Thymus chakra is strongly connected to the lungs, and you may summon Aquarielle to work with you when conducting healing on others, or if you yourself are experiencing issues with this area of the body (as someone who has been challenged with asthma, I do this often!). She is highly skilled at removing toxins and attachments, then infusing the affected area with her soothing aquamarine light. What’s especially wonderful about this chakra is that you have only to think about it to actually physically feel it.

I first became aware of Aquarielle during an Energy Healing session, many years ago. She appeared to me as an elegant feminine form, with flowing dark hair, wearing a white dress, and graced with enormous white wings. Her presence felt somewhat shy, warm and so, so very kind. She intuited to me that she has not visibly been at the forefront or out on the front lines thus far, like many of her Brethren. But the time has come for her to step out of the shadows and make her presence known. I always envision her rising up from beneath the waves. In addition to her assistance to Humanity’s ascension, she is also highly instrumental in the healing of Gaia and her waters. She is the Archangel of the oceans, rivers and lakes; the primary guide and protector of the Dolphins, Whales and fish. When you are feeling the powerful call of the waters, and are inexplicably pulled to visit any of Gaia’s shores, this is Archangel Aquarielle’s Divine summons. Engage her help when blessing your drinking water, or when healing your aquatic pets.

Archangel Aquariel also shared with me a very simple exercise we can all do, in combination with any other meditation or modality which focuses upon the activation and tending of the planet’s Crystalline Grid. She asks us to call in the Dolphins or the Whales; They can be any color or type that you like, coming in from either the energetic or physical realms. As you focus and connect, envision thousands of dolphins swimming along the sparkling lines of the grid, until every intersecting line is covered with swiftly moving members of our cetacean family. Kind of like bumper-to-bumper traffic that’s not standing still! The cetaceans have the ability to fortify and amplify the energy of the grid, and also to heal any weak areas or cracks.

In addition to the visible arrival of Archangel Aquarielle, we will be experiencing more and more of these beloved and “yet-to-be-remembered” Masters coming forward and making themselves known to Ascending Humanity. The veils of amnesia are, finally, rapidly dropping away. The New Earth is in the here and now, which with our assistance, is manifesting itself fully into the physical. It is our job, with the assistance of these incredibly skilled Masters, to dust her off and shine her up!

🖤 Peace and blessings, Friends…

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