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We trust that on this day we find you well and brimming with optimism and joy. These are brilliant times, believe us when we say so. The future is sunny, the present a tranquil, glassy sea. And the trials and tribulations of the percieved past are truly buried, dead and gone. Oh happy, happy days swoop down and in and are upon us now!

☆ Have faith that the results of the powerful activations you are experiencing will not be subtle, but quite noticeable to most of you on the ascension path. And what does this mean to you on a more practical level? Ah, sweet Cousins, it means you will have more. More of everything! More open connections with Source and your Star Brothers and Sisters, and with all amongst the higher realms; the communications becoming quite clear, crisp and concise. It means more abundance, more manifestational ability, more telepathy and intuition, more health, more contentment, more of a heart-connection within yourself and with others, more peace of mind, and best of all – more love.

☆ We hear you again now, we clearly sense you mulling over all these wonders in your head. You are excited about the new 5D Earth and all of the joy it offers. You are more than ready to put into play your seemingly new gifts and abilities. You it all much like tempting pile of presents, arranged artfully beneath the Holiday tree! (Laughter). But new gifts? Alas, no. The incoming vibrations do not bring to you anything new, but rather what is as ancient and eternal as the Universe itself. These gifts are You. They bring You back to You. The New Earth brings with it a resurgence of your many long-dormant, sovereign gifts. Gifts which are your birthright, but which you chose to leave behind when you donned the mantle of a human bodily casing. Much as we ourselves did when we elected to come to Earth in denser form, albeit on a less dramatic and physically challenging scale. You have been working so very, very hard to raise up your personal vibrations and bring these precious skills online. Yet all the while, many of you have been laboring under the illusion that you were learning something previously unknown . Something new. No, Beloveds, no. You have not been learning new skills at all, but instead simply endeavoring to remember that which you already do know. You have been reclaiming what is already yours.

☆ So, how goes it, this refresher course? It has been rather arduous, yes? Yet it is what you chose to do; depending on the role you chose to play in the Ascension, the script you wrote and the lessons you desired to learn. All of these determine how far along you are at this point in your remembering. No one is better or more accomplished than another. No one is “ahead” or “behind.” Have faith that you are each exactly where you need to be. Feel confidence in your awareness of this fact. Stand tall in your newly reclaimed strength and power.

☆ 5D Earth has, in actuality, already begun to make it’s presence known to all of us. You will see evidence of it all about you. Look forward to having a clearer sense of what your role is to be in the new society, as the fist signs come in the form of promptings, persistent thoughts and interests, powerful desires to change your profession or living circumstances. You are wiser and more knowing now. There is little mystery, if any, left.

You will innately know if something is right for you. As these delightful realities and revelations come in, allow yourself to run interesting scenarios and to engage your imagination. Think of this as a bit like trying your new life on for size. Tweak it here and there, and adjust your tableau until you get the most resonant fit. Hold these visions safe within your heart center. Guard them well and thusly, make them real.

☆ Seek us with your heart and know us as your Brethren. We are your partners here on Earth, and so, so much more! Swim fast and free, Dear Cousins.

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