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Updated: Jan 7

♦️Channeled by Bella Grace & The Sacred Dolphin Realm

“There is a consciousness to everything, so why are you surprised? A time is coming soon where you will commune with everything. You will not ‘learn’ this, you will remember it! You will laugh together one day, and remember when you used to be surprised.” ~ Archangel Metatron to me, on the Dolphins, the Crystals & the Sacred Geometries

♥️♥️ I am adding on to this post, on April 20, 2022, after a conversation (followed secretly by a good cry!) with my Divine Counterpart about these crystals-or "rubies" as they present themselves to him. Also, I'm changing the title and putting in this notation, with the plan to add it- in a greatly expanded form- to my upcoming book. So I would like to say to him; "This is for you. We were there & saw this happen. And it seems that both of us, in our own unique way, will never forget".

Far deep within the waters there comes a shimmer and a glow. Shards and fragments of geometries and codes. Elements of consciousness which are as colorful and varied as the Universe and Humanity themselves. They are everyplace, their frequencies superimposed over the never-ending monotony of the monochromatic beige sands. They are the seeds of the New Earth.

Coming gracefully out of a hibernation period lasting thousands upon thousands of your linear years, they endeavor to create around them an upswell of crystalline energy, so powerful, so immense, emanating from deep within their deceptively delicate and faceted loveliness. Their power will transfigure everything! Their light fills the waves and washes in upon the shore, growing, spreading, then moving onward across the lands. Indeed, they used to be asleep. Sleeping, but never dormant. You walk upon their shattered fragments every day, wherever you are. You tread upon, then absorb the loving frequencies and activations of this grand beauty. Still they grow and thrive. Seemingly gone but not forgotten.

See them, Brothers and Sisters. Feel them, embody them, as they are every inch a part of you. In vibrant, rich hues they come, ranging from deepest garnet to the most vibrant magenta. Each color has it’s own frequency and purpose. The deeper, darker reds have been used for communication and travel, both across this planet and inter-dimensionally. The lighter tones have been used for healing, growing food, learning, peaceful meditation and so much more. There is also a lesser-known hue, bordering on a an almost purplish-blue, which can be used to power entire communities, craft and various smaller devices.

The legendary Red Crystals contain a benevolent and quite unique ability to transform everything within their range and far beyond. Such power as theirs is unsurpassed and unlike any other color and type of stone. Gifted to Gaia at the time of the original seeding, they were brought from the Pleiades. They were given unselfishly and with no expectation of recompense, as tools for goodness and for the positive growth of the young planet. But alas, as so soften becomes the case in the gentlest of worlds, dissension can and does arise. And so it did upon the Paradise Planet. Over millennia, again and again, societies rose and fell. Rose in the interest of positivity and love; fell under the chokehold of oppression, greed, manipulation and a thirst for dominance. There was a point in the cycle of, as what you call the spinning of the hamster wheel, where the existence of the Red Crystals and their gifts was discovered; and predictably so, those of ill-intent embarked upon a quest to possess them.

But can divinity be possessed? Of course it cannot! Yet, these people had forgotten that. So blinded were they by their self-imposed frenzy of greed, they wreaked havoc and destruction as they embarked upon their quest. Therefore, as the saga always goes, the utopian civilization of Lemuria fell tragically at the hands of these service-to-self factions. The details of this we will not expand upon, as it is truly heartrending and need not be brought up again. Know only that Lemuria, in it’s physical sense only, was felled and the Red Crystals were taken away to a lesser evolved timeline of the ancient city of Atlantis. Yes, dear Brethren, contrary to what you have been told, Atlantis and Lemuria did not exist exist thousands of years apart but in synchronicity with one another. For linear time is but a human construct and a mapping tool. Everything exists, in one form or another in the always. All is interdimensional.

So, on with the story…

What the raiding Atlantean armies did not count upon was that the Red Crystals-as do all crystal structures-posess a consciousness and a “self.” They are alive. They are aware. They have a mission and intent, a compass of morality and a sense of justice and goodness. Within them is also the freedom to choose, and they chose to hold onto their integrity no matter what this might entail. Once ensconced in the cold and austere laboratories of Atlantis, those you may term as the “mad scientists” eventually and erroneously concluded that the crystals appeared to them to only be just pretty baubles. that they just would never work! Oh, but they had been deceived, they raged! So there the crystals sat. Colorful and lovely and unbeknownst to the conquerors, incapable of being activated by anything but the frequency of love.

This story is lengthy one, and suffice it to say, we cannot include it all in this limited format. It is our intent that what information we have given here will serve to awaken some of your very own memories of these days. So we shall continue on and be brief. As you may imagine, the ones who held the Red Crystals were incredibly angry. In their misery, they lashed out at the sacred crystals in the only way they knew how-with violence and destruction. The Red Crystals were cut up, smashed apart in fits of childlike wrath, then used as decorations and ornamentation. They were gifted to far-flung dignitaries, used as bribes, formed into jewelry to adorn the pretty Atlantean ladies. Stunning things, to be sure. But ornaments? Hardly! You see, for the service-to-self, the joke was on them, and most tragically so.

Crystals, of course, cannot be killed. They cannot be disempowered. They can only multiply and get stronger. Experience only serves to make them wiser and more capable. Crystals are of one Divine, interwoven, conscious mind. So, together as one, the Red Crystals made the difficult decision to cleanse Mother Gaia of her toxicity and render her pure again. And the rest you already know...

The grounds trembled and the oceans rose. And so it was, is and shall be again.

Before the reconstruction must come the deconstruction. You are at a crossroads on this day, between the old and the onset of The New. These are the days of the deconstruction. Such is the brilliant promise of the coming reconstruction. As our dear brother Michael is fond of saying, “You cannot build a Crystal Palace upon a pile of rubbish.” This statement refers not only to the cleansing of the Earth’s physical surface, but also the the clearing and upgrading of each physical and etheric being present with her. The rubble must be bulldozed away. The sacred soils must be fertilized and primed for Paradise returned. For you are Gaia and Gaia is you. She grows lush and strong along with you. The Red Crystal supply us all with nutritious light, fragmented and gifted far and wide across the globe. They reside at present in every country, every ocean, lake, river, below every mountain. They are the awakeners, aglow with joy and hope again! Swim with us as we align the planetary grids. Walk with us across the fertile lands. We shall facilitate a tool, soon, to aid you in this journey. Go with us in peace.

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