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Ascension is for all of us, regardless of our current personal or economic circumstances. Please be sure to contact me privately, if you feel the cost of a session is not within your range. 

Session Descriptions


Things to do before your session:

Please be sure to check both your internet and Zoom connections, to insure a smooth and timely start to your appointment.

 * For Hypnotherapy sessions you will need:

A functioning wireless headset (no ear-buds)

A computer, laptop or tablet (sessions do not progress well on the phone).  

Also, to prevent interruptions, please set aside a quiet, private area, with no animals or small children present.





Journey to the Akashic Library

📚This modality will take you on a beautiful and informative journey to the Akashic Library of Records. This guided session is of shorter duration than a full hypnotherapy session, and will allow you to explore the library and view one page from your personal book. While in the library, we will consult with the Higher Self for insight, messages and an overview of why this particular page was chosen. Inspired by the session voyages of multiple clients to this library, and it's beautiful visual similarity to the elegant Bodleian Library at Oxford University-this modality was lovingly developed for you by myself and 2 other healing practitioners.

"Lunchtime" Mini-Sessions-To-Go

☕️These short, fun, mini-sessions will take you into a very relaxed, peaceful, and very light trance state. You will present one question or issue for the Higher Self to answer or give you clarification about. They are between 45 minutes to one hour in duration. These session also are great for follow-ups or general Q&A.

5D 14-Chakra Clearing & Recalibration


Learn about the 14 major chakras (yes, 14!), which are currently active in the Human body and energy-field.  As our DNA is activated and our physical bodies upgrade, it is so incredibly important to be aware of, and to work with, the less commonly referred to,  yet equally powerful energy centers within and around our physical vessel.


In these sessions we will:


 ● Remove toxic energies, substances & energetic blockages

 ● Infuse each chakra with the currently available, upgraded 5D frequencies

 ● Realign the chakra column & open up a clear, clean flow of energy

 ● Educate the client about any chakric energy centers with which they are unfamiliar                                          

 ● Address specific issues and blockages which the client is experiencing

     and so much more...

Just for Pets


 I offer two services for your precious pets. Your pet does not have to be in a relaxed state or sitting still to receive this treatment, as this is not a realistic expectation. This service is effective for any species or breed.I will connect with your pet remotely, and you will receive a detailed, written summary of the process and what I find. All that is needed is a photo, name and the age of the pet.



These fun, informative and unique sessions will provide insight into your pet's health, happiness,      incarnations mission and role in your life, (and if applicable), their past lifetimes with you. They can be conducted via Zoom or by email.  In person sessions are available in Tucson, AZ, upon request.


🐶 Pet Reiki Healing & Chakra Re-alignment

This is an energetic healing, which combines the benefits of multiple healing modalities, utilizing a crystalline frequency. Your pet will receive soothing, healing light, along with a full chakra alignment.


offer a choice of either 45-minute or 90-minute Tarot & Oracle Card readings, which are done via Zoom. These readings will address questions presented by the client, along with any other channeled information introduced by the client's Angels, Guides, Team or Higher Self.


A video recording of the reading will be provided via email, after the session.


**Please note that the information which comes through in a reading will always be based on what is most pertinent for the client to know at that given time.  Most often, the result of the reading is strongly affected by the particular timeline that the client is currently experiencing and what is deemed most appropriate for them to see on that particular day. Spreads consist of cards pulled from a mixture of several decks.  In-person readings are available in Tucson, AZ, upon request.

***Life can be unpredible. Sessions may be rescheduled at no additional charge. 

    Cancellations must be made within 3 days of scheduled session date, in order to receive a full refund. A     charge of 25% of the session cost will be withheld if cancellations are made after the 3-day window.    Refunds are not given for for "no-shows"

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